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Didzis Kalniņš

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Didzis Kalnins


In 2016, he achieved a first class Master’s Degree in Pianoforte performance at the Conservatorio di Musica di Vicenza in Italy, under the guidance of pianist and conductor Marco Tezza.

He has performed in many master classes, given by renowned musicians accross Europe and USA such as Lauri Väinmaa (Estonia), Ronan O’Hora (United Kingdom), Dang Thai Shon (Vietnam), Petras Geniušas (Lithuania), Benedetto Lupo, Stefania Neonato, Marco Tezza (Italy), MícheálO’Rourke and Therese Fahy (Ireland), Eric Tawaststjerna (Finland), Sivan Silver and Gil Garburg (Israel), Stefan Scheja (Sweden) and Boris Berman(USA).

Contempo Quartet

Contempo Quartet

String Quartet

The most engaging, energetic and vibrant group of musicians that one could ever wish to hear and meet, The ConTempo quartet breath an exciting and intoxicating life into every note they play. 


Winners of 14 International Prizes this highly accomplished group of musicians has toured extensively performing in some of the world’s most prestigious halls and to some of the world’s most engaging leaders. TV documentaries have been made about this group and they have recorded for a plethora of Radio and TV stations across Europe. 


So what about the music? Equally expert with music from the Baroque to Modern, this quartet since 2003 as ‘Galway Ensemble - in- Residence has engaged with an extensive rich array of contemporary Irish compositions.  


Since 2013, ConTempo are the RTÉ string quartet in residence (RTÉ is the National Broadcasting station of Ireland). 

Bogdan Sofei –Violin , Ingrid Nicola - violin, Andreea Banciu – viola, Adrian Mantu – Cello

4 in a Bar


Vocal Quartet


4 in a Bar is a vocal quartet with Classical roots and a modern, close-harmony approach to performance and interpretation. 
The group is known for its masterful performance of an eclectic repertoire, including Renaissance polyphony, European madrigals, contemporary commissions, folk songs, pop, barbershop and traditional Irish airs arranged by Eoin Conway, heard on two available CD albums.
The quartet's concert programmes explore topics such as identity, nationality, conflict and love, presented with characteristic spontaneity and wit. 
4 in a Bar is based in Dublin, founded in 2008 and managed by Dorothy Alioth/KenDu Music.

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