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Swiss Tour
Irish a cappella quartet
4 In a Bar on tour in Switzerland

APRIL 30th - May 2nd, 2022

In the 7th Century, an Irish missionary named Gallus travelled to Switzerland. The monastery he founded, and the city which later grew around it, still bear his name: St Gallen. 

In “Hibernia meets Helvetia”, five Irish singers (the multi-award winning quartet “4 in a Bar” and special guest Morgan Crowley) retrace this journey through song. Music from medieval cloisters brushes up against folksongs and sacred music of the countries Gallus would have passed through on his way. Join us for music of the past, the present, and the journeys we all take.


After a successful tour through Zürich, Basel and Bern, in 2019, 4InaBar are coming back to Switzerland. The Irish quartet have been invited to the renowned a cappella festival in Appenzell on April 30th, taking to the stage at 7.30p.m..

This tour entitled Hibernia meets Helvetia will continue on from the Appenzell performance, to the Konzertgesuch Kirche Linsebühl, St Gallen on May 1st, 2022 at 7.30p.m..This concert will also feature another Irish tenor well known to St.Gallen, Morgan Crowley (pictured below). 4InaBar and Morgan will sing for morning service - 10a.m. at the Church on the same day.



For the third concert of this tour, KenduMusic, the ensemble’s management, has arranged a return to the

La Cappella theatre in Bern where they sang in 2019. This concert, which is on Monday 2nd May, 2022 8p.m. will form an integral part of the theatre’s program.


Culture Ireland and the Irish Embassy in Switzerland support this return visit to Switzerland.


The origins of 4 in a Bar are to be found in Barbershop music. Latterly, they have branched out into Irish contemporary and folk music, as well as classical. Most arrangements are their own, in four-part, close harmony. Their stage presence is a unique mix of sensuous calm and raucous wit.

They represent contemporary Irish culture at its best – on a very demanding level.

Morgan Crowley
Embassy of Ireland
Culture Ireland
KenDu Music

The choir is back! Rehearsals begin on February 22nd at 10a.m. to 12p.m.

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